Thursday, 23 June 2016

Anti Ligature TV Enclosure - ProEnc has the Ultimate in Hospital TV Protection

ProEnc's Anti Ligature TV Enclosure.

With over 25 years manufacturing expertise, ProEnc offer an indoor anti ligature TV enclosure for hospital and correctional facility use. As you can imagine, these patients/prisons can be desperate and in some cases consider self-harming.

ProEnc’s flat screen tv protective housing is designed to prevent prisoners and patients from looping material around the housing and has successfully passed many internal and external risk assessments for use in these environments, being the preferred solution to most hospitals and correctional facilities. 

As well as protecting the patient from harming themselves, these TV enclosures are designed to protect the flat screen tv from damage, should a patient or prison through an object at the viewing window – ProEnc have the thickest unbreakable material in the industry for the viewing window.

As well as that, there is nothing to assemble with a ProEnc enclosure, just bolt it to the wall, saving valuable time. The housing also comes as standard with an internal TV bracket that will accommodate screens with a VESA pattern up to 600 x 400.

Ultimate Anti Ligature TV Enclosure.

This is truely the only anti ligature protective tv housing  that's fitted with high security locks, why would anyone put cheap, insecure locks on a unit that is going into a high risk area?

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The only protection needed in psychiatric and correctional facilities, the ProEnc anti ligature TV enclosure.